Friday, December 26, 2014

It's The Climate !!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Water Truck Driver Encounters Bigfoot at Deadwood River

Thursday, October 9, 2014

9 Men Search for Evidence of Bigfoot

Monday, September 29, 2014

Bigfoot Sighting.Macon Gulch, Mining Ghost Town

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Grave Creek Project - August 2014

My Sketch of Sam.. :)

Grave Creek Project 

Started September 1 2014
Founder / Lead Project Manager - Krysta R. Garrison
Contact -

The Grave Creek Project Starts - Just past the Galice Resort in the town of Galice, Oregon in remote Southern Oregon and extends west all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

While he was in the area last week I was fortunate to met up with Tommy Graham -  State of Jefferson Sasquatch Research.
Even with the smoke thick in the sky from the Onion Mountain Fire in Southern Oregon. 

We headed out to the Grave Creek Project research area..

This track was found only a few feet from the entrance of this mountain cave. 

Old mining claims live the walls of this canyon and Caves are abundant this is just one of the many in the area. 

This is the Cave where Tommy & I discovered several tracks leading up to the cave. Now I have a better idea what gear we will need to bring with us on our next return trip. These pic's doesn't even do justice to how steep the wall of the canyon was leading up to the mouth of this cave.

Special Thanks to my Good Friend & Bigfoot Researcher Tommy Graham 
Founder and Lead Researcher for the State of Jefferson Sasquatch Research 
Krysta R. Garrison 
Grave Creek Project

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Grave Creek Project

It’s the Climate in Grants Pass, Oregon,

It has been an Awesome Summer here in Southern Oregon. By all means one of the hottest summer seasons I can remember in years. Born and raised rite here in the Rogue Valley I have spent only a few years of my life living outside the State of Oregon. While many girls my age were playing hopscotch living in the city, I was exploring my own backyard learning about poisonous snakes & spiders catching native lizards, tree frogs & insects. We grew up on the outskirts of the wild and scenic unexplored reigns of the Pacific Northwest.  When school let out we kicked off our shoes until after Labor Day except for those Sunday mornings when we had to go to Sunday school. J I know over all the years I spent out exploring as a kid barefoot no shirt, from sunrise to sunset summer after summer, I have easily covered 13.4 miles. Chair Riffle is exactly 19 minutes 13.4 miles from my backyard. That is all the distance that lies between our home and the location of my own Bigfoot encounter in May 4 2013. I have kept a schedule of frequenting the main research areas I have designated, and I have personally publicly launched the Grave Creek Project. Grave Creek Project is a Non-Profit Organization and launched strictly for the purpose of researching and protecting our Southern Oregon Bigfoot. I feel it’s my responsibility to bring awareness to our community that Bigfoot is alive & living normally as they have for many years rite along our rivers edges hiding in the evening shadows and the dark of the night most certainly occasional curiously watching a happy family through a window in the shadows of the night. If you’re lucky your family may be one of them? ;-)