Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Evidence of Bigfoot - via - Alien/UFO/Paranormal Matters on YouTube

via - Alien/UFO/Paranormal Matters on YouTube

Monday, November 9, 2015

Bigfoot Buzz - Possible Bigfoot Bones Found Near Grants Pass Oregon

Before It's News - Possible Bigfoot Bones Found Near Grants Pass Oregon…/possible-bigfoot-bones-found-nea…

Western Bigfoot Researcher 

CP Notes > “Exclusive” I was contacted by a man in Oregon named Craig who had these pictures sent to his phone by his former brother in law who was out hunting with a friend in Grants Pass along the...

Alcyon Massive - Strictly Medicinal - via THCBRASIL YouTube

Bigfoot Sighting Hugo Oregon Jack Creek Road

Decide for yourself:

In Oregon, Bigfoot has been seen by many. Most sightings go unreported. Mostly for fear of ridicule, because man Is Unkind.
Just one more reason for these majestic beings to re mane evasive. I don't ever expect I will see anything so spectacular again in my life time. I was defiantly in the right place at the right time, even thought I may have not thought that way at first. If more people would come forward we could save a species. With not enough evidence to go on many senseless lives my be lost yet. #CeciltheLion
I have been following online Bigfoot Researcher Kelly Shaw & Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization on the many Bigfoot expeditions he has shared. My name is Krysta Garrison  I am a armature Bigfoot researcher in Southern Oregon since my sighting in Rand, Oregon 2013. I am definitely not the only believer out there and I am ready to hear from other's who have had encounters in the area of Southern Oregon. If you would like to contact me anonymously all information will be kept strictly confidential.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Krysta Garrison

Eastern Bigfoot Researchers Organization

Eastern Bigfoot Researchers

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September 2 2014